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We aspire to set ourselves apart through our outstanding products and services. Our mission can only be achieved by virtue of the exceptional talent and craftsmanship of our skilled developers, content creators, and their managers. VMS Software's management team include members with both deep roots in OpenVMS, going back to the Digital Equipment era, and more recent OpenVMS devotees from other industries. What the management unequivocally shares, is an absolute passion for solving customer challenges...and doing so with maximum skill, and yes, good humor.

Mr. Duane P. Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Duane Harris is CEO of VMS Software, Inc. He brings over 15 years of top management and entrepreneurial experience. Prior to this position, Duane was the CEO of Nemonix Engineering, Inc. Nemonix, founded in 1985, is a manufacturer of custom engineering solutions for enterprise OpenVMS hardware customers. Prior to Duane's appointment as CEO of Nemonix, in December 2012, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Nemonix, where he was responsible for revamping sales/operational processes, and overseeing marketing and finances. Duane joined Nemonix in 2009. Before Nemonix, Duane served as vice president of operations for BAP Global Solutions, LTD, a London-based enterprise solutions company with offerings that optimize enterprise governance. He was also: vice president of operations of Cambridge Publications, Inc., a New England firm specializing in business process training; vice president of operations of ek Real Estate, a Seattle-based high-end real estate firm; and president of ScreamDesign, Inc., a successful investor-funded portal for web developers. Duane's diverse operational, sales and financial expertise enhances VMS Software's emphasis on offering innovative, technological solutions to meet the unique requirements of the mission-critical enterprise market. Duane received a J.D. degree from Boston University School of Law and a B.A. degree from Harvard University.

Ms. Susan Skonetski

Vice President of Customer Advocacy

Susan Skonetski has 25 years of experience in the software industry, including leadership positions with Hewlett Packard, Compaq, and Digital Equipment Corporation. As vice president of Marketing and Relationship Management at Nemonix Engineering, Sue lead the company's marketing programs, including those between Nemonix customers, partners, and the OpenVMS community--which comprises Hewlett Packard's OpenVMS field advocates, product management and engineering; OpenVMS partners worldwide; and Connect, the HP user community group. Prior to joining Nemonix in 2009, Sue was manager of Field and Customer Engineering programs in the HP OpenVMS Software Engineering Group. An integral member of the OpenVMS deployment team, she was responsible for providing technical advocacy and support to customers worldwide. In 2009 she was awarded the HP Ambassadors Spirit Award by her colleagues at Hewlett Packard. Ms. Skonetski is an active member of HP's user group Connect community and serves as the OpenVMS SIG-Co Chair.

Mr. Jim Janetos

Director of Software Engineering

Jim is an experienced manager in enterprise computing hardware and software. Jim started as an engineer with Digital Equipment Corporation in 1980, working on semiconductor device packaging, PDP-11 memory systems, VAX IO interface cards, and system diagnostics. Jim joined the OpenVMS engineering team in 1990 to work on the VAX to Alpha port, designing and implementing machine dependent code and IO bus support. Most recently Jim has held a series of management positions in the HP-UX and OpenVMS development organizations in the areas of storage and network device driver development, server firmware update tools, IO technology, HP Integrity and AlphaServer support, and general operating system development. Jim holds a BSEE from the University of Michigan and an MSEE from Purdue University.

Mr. Eddie Orcutt

Vice President of Software Engineering

Eddie Orcutt is Vice President of VMS Software's Software Engineering group. In this role, he is responsible for the direction, architecture, design, implementation and sustainability of OpenVMS and its layered products. Most recently, Eddie was owner and Principal Engineer at Availability Experts, a consulting company that designs cost effective, innovative and multi-disciplined computer based solutions that solve scientific, engineering technical and business problems. Prior to this role, Eddie spent 22 years working for DEC/Compaq/HP in various field engineering positions in the federal government, state and local government and commercial sectors helping customers get the most out of their HP systems. In this capacity, he wrote a Non-Cluster Aware Failover Environment application which provides an environment that enables applications that are not cluster aware to take advantage of the High Availability benefits offered by VMS Clustering. He also authored a knowledge brief on how to build an online OpenVMS software depot and solution whitepapers for various NASA and other government and commercial entities. Eddie was also a founder of Ketech Corporation, a computer consulting company, Masstech Inc., an Ada Math library software company and System Design Engineering Inc., a computer consulting and PC security software company.

Eddie is based in the greater Boston area. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Mississippi State University.

Mr. Clair Grant

Director of Research and Development

Clair started his career at Digital Equipment Corp. and worked on the TOPS-20 operating system as a designer and implementer of many operating system features. He then moved to VMS Engineering and held many positions during 23 years as an individual contributor, architect, Kernel Group Project Leader, and lastly VMS Technical Director. Having contributed to many components of VMS he was heavily involved in the port to Alpha and years later the architect and project leader for the port to Itanium. Clair moved on to become a member of the HP Storage CTO Office where is specialized in integrating new company acquisitions' development teams into HP. Lastly he was the HP Program Manager for memristor. Clair has a BA from Dartmouth College and an MA from the University of Maine.